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[Friends Only]

Until further notice, which will be never, this el-jay is officially;

Friends Only

Comment to be considered.

No stalkers are welcome.

Note - if you're here to comment & start drama, do me a favor and start drama in your OWN LJ's. all of this 'calling fake' bullcrap was based on assumption. assumption caused by someone who THOUGHT they knew what they were talking about but clearly DID NOT. before you comment me and leave 'notes to my friends' and tell them I'm fake, consider this thought; everything everyone is saying about me is clearly based on assumtion. they also have it in them to sit here and ASK me for explanations before ruling out other possibilities. as soon as drama starts somewhere it's automatically me, right? wrong. do me a favoe and leave me alone. i've done nothing to you. i've changed my life around, now it's time for everyone else to pull their heads out of their asses and leave me alone. the first person to comment in this LJ will be charged with harassment. i will go to the police IMMEDIATLEY and let them know how long it's been going on, and what keeps going on. it's not funny, it's bullcrap. remember, what you're doing is harrassment,and you can and WILL be charged if it doesn't stop. charged or sued. maybe even both. watch your backs.

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